by Vivi Hinrichs,

Are you living in Denmark, but your family originates from another country

Are you living in Denmark, but your family originates from another country, where the culture and the cultural values are very different from the Danish? Have you experienced traumatic incidents or have your family traumatic experiences from the past? Being multicultural and trying to balance between, what may feels like two worlds, is not always an easy task.

Finding a cultural balance can be difficult. Being multicultural can be a challenge, as you have to unite different cultural values, which can result in identity crisis, as uniting different cultural values can be difficult.

What is special about your cultural heritage, which family patterns do you experience and which cultural differences are there in general? What is difficult and how do you act in it?

Are you in a life crisis?

You might find it difficult to comply with all the different, and sometimes opposite expectations there can be, when balancing different cultures and values. As multicultural, you might find yourself in situations where you have to fulfil different and opposite expectations, which at some point can become so stressful, that it is perceived as a crisis.

A crisis or a trauma can give the feeling of being isolated from the outside world or from oneself. How we experience crisis is unique to each person and as multicultural you might have deep traumatic experiences, which you need help to process. Feelings such as despair, loneliness, paralysis and anxiety are common reactions, when you have been exposed to a crisis or trauma.

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When you experience crisis, you also experience a loss. It can either be concrete or a notion of how things “should be” or “could have been”. Maybe you feel loss of identity, loss of social contacts or loss of something material? A crisis is a reaction to a lack of control or mastery. As multicultural, you might experience crisis in connection to a changed future or if your dreams and expectations are shattered, as you struggle to unite different cultural values and finding a cultural balance.


how to balance between different cultures


How do you unite the cultures?

When different values, norms and rules meet and conflict, it can have an impact on your well-being, as trying to unite the different aspects of culture can become so stressful that it results in a crisis.

Trough psychotherapy, you will learn to put the difficulties into words and you will get support to deal with it, alongside creating a balance between the cultures. You get defined what you stand for and which values and dreams you have in your life. Thereby you will get support to find yourself. Who are you? What is your path in all this? Through support and development, psychotherapy can help create a healthy balance for you.

Culture and traditions are man-made and are constantly being revised. As multicultural you may need help to balance the different expectations. Therapy can help supporting you in finding your balance. We will be talking about things like, what does culture and cultural heritage mean? Which cultural differences are there? What is difficult when being multicultural and how can you act in it?

I can provide the necessary help and support in finding your balance as multicultural. With many years of professional experience working with people of other ethnic backgrounds than Danish, I have professional experience in the dilemmas you may have by having to balance between multicultural lifestyles in Denmark. Furthermore, I have experience in providing psychotherapy to people who faces an identity crisis, due to difficulties in finding their balance as multicultural. 

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